Monday, January 25, 2016

Below are the compelling reasons to participate in our upcoming BIO-Conference:

 Game-Changing Technologies: Witness how the future of Chemicals &
Polymers is Re-Shaping & how Sustainability & Environmental Protection are
being pushed to New Heights by Converting WASTES and Harmful GREENHOUSE
GASES into Polymers

- Differentiated Value: Coming from a highly TECHNICAL & BUSINESS driven
environment enables us to develop BEST-in-CLASS conferences that are rated
exceptionally high from the global participants

- Meet World-Class 9-Brand-Owners & Delegates from 14 Countries such as
APPLE, PepsiCo, WHIRLPOOL, Kimberly-Clark, 3M and many more !

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Thursday, January 21, 2016

*BIO-Plastics/Chemicals: Meet BRAND-OWNERS at BioMass Conference (Feb 9-11)

BioMass based POLYMERS and CHEMICALS will be the theme at this event and
you will get updated on how traditional as well as newer polymeric
materials are being developed from renewable “BioMass”, various types of
“Wastes” and “Greenhouse Gases” vs traditional PetroChemicals; thereby
revolutionizing the Sustainability & Environmental landscape like never
before !


• Witness how the future of Chemicals & Polymers is Re-Shaping !

• Witness how Sustainability & Environmental Protection are being pushed to
New Heights by Converting WASTES and Harmful Greenhouse GASES into Polymers.

Details @

Thursday, January 7, 2016

BioChemicals & BioPolymers: Breadth of Raw Materials including Harmful Greenhouse GASES / WASTE(s);FEB 9-11,LAS VEGAS

Dear Colleague, 
NOV 29: Leaders of 150 countries including President Obama, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg of the U.S. gathered in Paris and vowed to reduce the emission of planet-warming greenhouse gases. While most major corporations around the world have escalated their efforts in recent years on improving the "Environmental Impact & Sustainability" via several routes, some very intriguing technologies have emerged lately that convert the harmful greenhouse gases (CO2 and CH4) into useful products. These technologies have entered the commercial phase and will push the "Environment Protection & Sustainability" to levels never seen before; that is, first reduce the emissions and then "Further Reduction" by conversion to useful products. At this Feb 9-11 BioMass Conference, there is a session on "Waste & Greenhouse Gases as Raw Materials"; Dr. Yash Khanna will present an overview of such emerging-commercial technologies. For details visit our website below: 

BioMass for Sustainable Future: Re-Invention of Polymeric Materials February 9-11, 2016 Caesars Palace Las Vegas, NV 89109, USA Conference Chairman: Roger Avakian, VP-Scientific Develop, PolyOne.

Session I: BioRefineries - the Next Mega-Industry: U.S. Government &
Private Sector Leadership

Session II: BioPolymer Formulations in MarketPlace Today: Engineered via
Blends, Alloys & Modifiers

Session III: Brand-Owners - Creating Market-Pull for BioBased Products

Session IV: Renewable Building-Block PLATFORMS for Traditional & Newer

Session V: BioMass WASTE & Greenhouse GASES as Platform: Plastics, Polymer
Intmd & BioFuels

You will network with delegates from 10 countries including brand-owners
such as *APPLE*, *3M*, *WHIRLPOOL* and many more !

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