Saturday, October 31, 2015

Forget Crude Oil Pricing; Compelling Reasons to Pursue BioMass Chemicals-to-Polymers Revolution: FEB 9-11

Just 5 years ago with oil at $150 a barrel, some stratagists were 
guestimating the world oil reserves depleting by 2050 and "Pursuit of Oil 
Independence" was the theme for most of the world. Today with crude at $45 
a barrel, is it fair to reverse the push for BioChemicals (vs 
PetroChemicals) ? Absolutely NO 
Reason 1-of-3: ENVIRONMENT; 2016 Presidential Candidates Support This Issue 
BioMass based POLYMERS, CHEMICALS and FUELS will be the theme at this event 
and you will get updated on how traditional as well as newer polymeric 
materials are being developed from renewable “BioMass”, various types of 
“Wastes” and “Greenhouse Gases” vs traditional PetroChemicals; thereby 
revolutionizing the Sustainability & Environmental landscape like never 
before ! 


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Metabolix Signs Stock Purchase Agreement with Aspire

Metabolix, Inc., an advanced biomaterials company focused on sustainable solutions for the plastics industry, announces that it has entered into a $20 million common stock purchase agreement with Aspire Capital Fund, LLC. Under terms of the agreement, Aspire has committed to purchase up to $20 million of Metabolix's common stock over a 30 month period beginning on the effective date of the registration statement relating to the transaction. Common stock may be sold from time to time at the company's option under a pricing formula based on prevailing market prices around the time of each sale. 

"The agreement with Aspire Capital provides us with a new way to access capital. Because we control the timing and pace of stock sales under the agreement, we can use this facility to opportunistically supplement other sources of capital as we continue to build our specialty biopolymers business over the next several years," said Joseph Shaulson, CEO and President of Metabolix. "We are pleased to welcome Aspire as a shareholder and look forward to having this additional flexibility in our capital structure." 

"We have been impressed with Metabolix's pivot from a commodity approach to one based on specialty applications for its high performance PHA biopolymer materials," said Steven G. Martin, Managing Member of Aspire Capital. "We look forward to providing Metabolix with access to additional capital to help support the successful execution of its business plan." 

Terms of the Aspire Capital Financing Agreement Include: 
Metabolix controls the timing and amount of all sales of common stock under the agreement 
Aspire Capital has no right to require any sale of shares by Metabolix, but is obligated to make purchases as Metabolix directs in accordance with the agreement 
There are no limitations on use of proceeds, financial covenants, restrictions on future financings, rights of first refusal, participation rights, penalties or liquidated damages 
Aspire Capital has agreed not to hedge or short Metabolix stock; and 
The agreement may be terminated by Metabolix at any time, at its discretion, without cost or penalty 
Metabolix plans to use the net proceeds from any sale of common stock under the agreement for general corporate purposes and working capital requirements. 

In connection with the transaction, Metabolix also entered into a registration rights agreement with Aspire Capital that requires Metabolix to file a registration statement covering Aspire Capital's sale of shares acquired under the agreement. Metabolix issued 300,000 shares of its common stock to Aspire Capital as a commitment fee under the purchase agreement. A more complete and detailed description of the purchase agreement and registration rights agreement is set forth in Metabolix's Current Report on Form 8-K filed today with the SEC. 

This press release shall not constitute an offer to sell or the solicitation of an offer to buy any securities nor will there be any sale of these securities in any state or other jurisdiction in which such offer, solicitation or sale would be unlawful prior to registration or qualification under the securities laws of any such state or other jurisdiction. 

Source: Metabolix 

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

BioMass CHEMICALS-to-POLYMERS Revolution; Las Vegas, FEB 9-11, 2016

Bio based materials finds it application in various industry in the recent days.From waste to various bio-monomer and bio-polymer have been produced as the producers finds various options of feedstocks which even leads carbohydrates into PLA and Crude palm oil to PHA and others. 
The world's first bioplastic touchscreen computer offers very good heat and scratch resistance with improved impact resistance and high dimensional stability. 

*BioMass for Sustainable Future* 

*Re-Invention of Polymeric Materials* 

We are pleased to announce our 6th conference on BioMass: 


Las Vegas, USA, February 9-11, 2016 


On October 27, 2014, President Obama announced BIO-BASED materials as 
1-of-3 emerging technologies for U.S. competitiveness. Such actions by the 
Governments around the world & private sector leadership have renewed the 
spirit of innovation over the last 5-7 years in the field of Chemicals & 
Polymers based on BioMass vs traditional PetroChemicals. However, a recent 
decline in crude oil prices has dampened the enthusiasm to an 
"Unjustifiable Extent" 

Join us on a journey through the world of " 

*BioMass for Sustainable Future: Re-Invention of Polymeric Materials*" to 
witness the progress towards shaping the future of Chemicals & Polymers; 
there are compelling reasons to be a part of *BioMass revolution... 
regardless of the crude oil prices!* 

For Registration / Sponsorship / Program Details, call Innoplast Solutions 
@ (973) 446-9531or visit our conference website: 


*Feb 9 - PM: Optional Pre-Conference Course* 

Introduction to BioPlastics: Orientation 101 

BioPlastics: a Crash-Course on State-of-the-Industry 

*Feb 10-11: Main Conference* 

Session I: 

*BioRefineries-the Next Mega-Industry: * 

*U.S. Government & Private Sector Leadership* 

Session II: 

*BioPolymer Formulations in MarketPlace Today: * 

*Engineered via Blends, Alloys & Modifiers* 

Session III: 

*Brand-Owners: * 

*Creating Market-Pull for Biobased Products* 

Session IV: 

*Renewable Building Block PLATFORMS for Traditional & Newer Polymers* 

- Polyolefins 
- Polyesters 
- Nylons 
- Polycarbonates 
- Polyurethanes 
- Thermosets 

Session V: 

*BioMass WASTE & Geenhouse GASES as Platform: Plastics, Polymer 
Intermediates & BioFuels* 

- PHA Plastic from Various Wastes 
- BioFuels from Various Wastes 

Thursday, October 1, 2015

BASF and Genomatica Expand License Agreement for Production of Renewable BDO

BASF and Genomatica have expanded the scope of their license agreement for the production of 1,4-butanediol based on renewable feedstock (renewable BDO) using Genomatica’s patented process. The parties added certain countries in Southeast Asia to their initial agreement, which focused on North America. 

The license agreement allows BASF to build a world-scale production facility that will use the Genomatica process to manufacture renewable BDO. BASF has secured rights to allow production of up to 75,000 tons per year. Under the terms of the agreement, Genomatica will continue to advance its patented GENO BDO™ process technology for the production of renewable BDO. The process, which includes a single-step fermentation, can be based on dextrose or sucrose as renewable feedstock. It was agreed not to disclose financial details of the license contract. 

BASF has produced commercial volumes of renewable BDO, offering it to customers for testing and commercial use. The quality of this BDO is comparable to petrochemical-based BDO. BASF also expanded its portfolio by producing and offering Polytetrahydrofuran (PolyTHF®) made from renewable BDO. 

“We are happy to expand our license agreement with Genomatica to the dynamic Asia-Pacific region,” said Stefan Blank, President of BASF’s Intermediates division, and added: “we appreciate Genomatica’s openness to give BASF greater flexibility to add BDO from renewable feedstock to our portfolio and to respond to market requirements.” 

"We’re delighted to provide BASF with these additional license rights for our GENO™ technology,” said Christophe Schilling, CEO of Genomatica. “We look forward to seeing our technology deliver sustainability benefits to our business partners, and through them, to end-users of everyday products.” 

BDO and its derivatives are used for producing plastics, solvents, electronic chemicals and elastic fibers for the packaging, automotive, textile, and sports and leisure industries, among others. BASF currently produces BDO and BDO equivalents at its sites in Ludwigshafen, Germany; Geismar, Louisiana; Chiba, Japan; Kuantan, Malaysia; and Caojing, China. BASF announced it would increase its global capacities for BDO to 650,000 metric tons and for PolyTHF to 350,000 metric tons by the end of 2015, and beginning of 2016, respectively. 

Source: Genomatica