Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Fabri-Kal's Plant-based Greenware® On-The-Go Boxes Earn USDA's Biobased Certification

Foodservice packaging supplier, Fabri-Kal, recently announced that Greenware® On-The-Go Boxes have been recognized for being made entirely from plants, earning the USDA Certified Biobased Product Label. Containing 100 percent biobased content, the containers provide foodservice operators an innovative packaging solution to present food for grab-and-go consumption, increased consumer appeal and reduced environmental impact.

Under the USDA BioPreferred™ program, products are labeled "biobased" if they are composed wholly or significantly of biological ingredients, such as renewable plant material. The fundamental goals of the USDA BioPreferred™ program include spurring the development of the biobased industrial base to meet sustainability goals, enhancing energy security by substituting biobased products — such as Greenware® products — for petroleum-based products and promoting products that reduce environmental impact.
"Fabri-Kal's mission to act responsibly is demonstrated in our extensive line of annually renewable, plant-based products for foodservice operators," said Chuck Garlock, Vice President Sales & Marketing, Fabri-Kal. "Earning the USDA Certified Biobased Product Label affirms our commitment to the environment and our customers."

Greenware® On-The-Go Boxes allow the flexibility to display an assortment of creative food combinations and are available in 2-, 3- and 4-compartment designs that are shrink-band compatible for tamper evident applications. Crystal-clear, durable and stackable, the boxes have a compact, square shape to maximize cold case and shelf space.
Greenware® On-The-Go Boxes are the newest member of the Greenware® family, which includes cold drink cups in seven sizes and portion containers in three sizes. Matching flat and domed lids as well as cup inserts are available. All Greenware® products are made from Ingeo™ biopolymer, a PLA resin derived entirely from plants. All Greenware® products are made in the USA from plant sources that are domestically-grown and annually renewable. Greenware® is 100 percent compostable in actively managed municipal or industrial facilities, which may not exist in your area. Not suitable for backyard composting.

Source: Fabri-Kal

Monday, July 28, 2014

Teijin to Open Teijin FRA Tire Cord Co. in Thailand to Promote Auto Rubber Materials

Teijin Limited and Teijin Frontier Co., Ltd., the Teijin Group's fiber product converting company, jointly announced that they will accelerate their automotive rubber materials business in Thailand by establishing Teijin FRA Tire Cord (Thailand) Co., LTD. in partnership with Ayaha Corporation, a Japanese company specializing in tire cord production. Teijin also announced that it will expand the production capacity for automotive hose cord at a separate subsidiary, Teijin Cord (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
The Teijin Group will develop midstream business by accelerating sales to Asia's expanding automotive industry, aiming to strengthen its local supply of automotive rubber materials, such as tire cord and hose cord, to customers in China and the ASEAN region.
The new joint venture will be established on the premises of Teijin (Thailand) Limited located in Bang Pa-in Industrial Estate, Ayutthaya, in June. It will begin operating with a 16,000-ton annual capacity from October 2015. The company will start with capital of 380 million baht (11.7 million USD), which will be shared in the ratio of Teijin–10%, Teijin Frontier–56.66% and Ayaha–33.34%.

The new tire cord plant will be equipped with twisting, weaving and adhesion facilities. Combining Teijin and Ayaha's advanced processing technologies and Teijin Frontier's converting capabilities, the plant will produce highly processed rayon, aramid and PEN (polyethylene naphthalate) tire cords for high-performance tires that will help meet the expanding demand for automotive fuel efficiency. It also will produce polyester and nylon tire cords for general tires.
Future plans call for Teijin Cord (Thailand) Co., Ltd. to expand its automotive hose cord business as of April 2015. The company will increase its adhesion facility's annual capacity by 70% at a cost of 29 million baht (900,000 USD). Teijin Cord (Thailand) is located in the Rojana Industrial Park of Ayutthaya.
Sustainable transportation is one of five key business fields that the Teijin Group is targeting for long-term corporate growth. By optimizing the group's global production and sales structure, it now aims to expand its markets for automotive rubber, interiors and safety material.

Source: Teijin

Saturday, July 12, 2014

DSM Showcased Dyneema® Force Multiplier Tech.-based Vehicle Armor Solutions at Eurosatory

At Eurosatory 2014, DSM Dyneema, the manufacturer of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMwPE) fiber, branded as Dyneema®, and among the world leader in life protection materials and high-performance fibers, showcased innovative vehicle armor solutions based on its industry-leading Dyneema® Force Multiplier Technology. Aerospace and naval armor solutions from TenCate Advanced Armour and Rheinmetall Ballistic Protection GmbH, respectively, leverage this radical breakthrough in protection to address three major trends for light tactical interdiction vehicles: new operating environments, increasing weight from electronics and extended fuel supply chains. Dyneema® Force Multiplier Technology platform delivers exceptional ballistic performance and the lightest weight and lowest profile for enhanced protection.

"We are spotlighting two major vehicle protection applications to showcase the extreme performance and multiple benefits of Dyneema® Force Multiplier Technology," said Shitij Chabba, Global Business Segment Director, DSM Dyneema. "These game changing aerospace and naval solutions from two industry leaders epitomize the value of our revolutionary technology platform for vehicle armor and build on our success in personal protection applications. Our ongoing collaboration with both TenCate and Rheinmetall demonstrates the disruptive power of Dyneema® Force Multiplier Technology to drive the evolution of leading-edge ballistic protection."

Both TenCate and Rheinmetall selected Dyneema® Force Multiplier Technology to help strengthen their competitiveness in the fast-changing operating environments of light tactical vehicles for military, law enforcement and homeland security operations. In general, asymmetrical, unconventional warfare, low-intensity conflicts and homeland security needs have dramatically altered the traditional missions of smaller vehicles requiring enhanced light weight armor protection. Finally, they help meet the need for better fuel efficiency, which can reduce operating costs, expand vehicle range and enhance sustainability.

In contrast to vehicle armor made from traditional materials such as ceramics, glass, and aramid that can negatively impact speed, agility, range and payload capacity, solutions engineered with Dyneema® Force Multiplier Technology can reduce weight by up to 25 percent.

Built on DSM Dyneema's Radical Innovation Platform, this technology combines breakthroughs in polymer science, next-generation UHMwPE fiber technology and unique uni-directional engineering.

Two Innovative Companies Change the Game in Aerospace Armor:

"We are very proud of our new helicopter armor solution made possible by DSM Dyneema's technology, expertise and support," said Steen Tanderup, Managing Director, TenCate. "The exceptional armor technology and low weight of Dyneema® Force Multiplier Technology made it an obvious candidate as we set out to develop our solution. We know our customers in the aerospace sector will be very satisfied with the results."

Close Collaboration Brings Innovation to Naval Sector:

"Rheinmetall is known for innovative, high-quality naval solutions — a reputation that stems from creating consistently superior products," said Onno't Hart, Managing Director, Rheinmetall Ballistic Protection. "We are able to achieve this quality by selecting only top suppliers as collaboration partners, companies that bring their own valued solutions. With DSM Dyneema's advanced technology and expertise, we were able to pioneer a uniquely lightweight armor solution for our new anti-piracy protection solutions that does not compromise on protection."

Dyneema® and Dyneema®, the world's strongest fiber™ are trademarks of DSM. Use of these trademarks is prohibited unless strictly authorized. 
All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

Source: DSM

Thursday, July 10, 2014

EPA Honors FRX Polymers with Environmental Merit Award for its Flame Retardant Plastics

FRX Polymers, Inc. (FRX), a manufacturer and marketer of Nofia®, a family of environmentally friendly inherently flame retardant plastics, announced that it has recently been awarded an EPA Environmental Merit Award. The company was presented the award during the EPA New England Merit Awards ceremony on April 22, 2014 at Faneuil Hall, Boston, MA.

The EPA's New England Environmental Merit Awards program honors businesses, among others, who have made outstanding contributions on behalf of the region's public health and natural environment.

In the last few years FRX Polymers has taken several important steps in making its products available globally, including the December 2013 start-up of its first commercial scale plant. Nofia® replaces halogenated flame retardants, which are widely used and are being phased out due to toxicity concerns. Nofia® products have been registered globally and have a very favorable toxicological profile. Also, Nofia® products are produced using sustainable green chemistry principles as FRX's process is solvent free, creates no waste biproducts and has near 100% atom efficiency.

"EPA sends our congratulations to FRX Polymers, a great example of an innovative New England company that is making a real difference by making products that reduce risks to human health and reduce environmental damage. EPA gave FRX Polymers a 2014 Environmental Merit Award for their development of safer alternatives to toxic, persistent brominated flame retardants, providing many industries with a safer solution for their product needs," said Curt Spalding, regional administrator of EPA's New England office.

"We are honored to receive this award and we thank the agency for acknowledging our efforts and congratulate the other winners," said Marc Lebel, President and CEO. "This award represents what we are trying to accomplish — create a product that has a real need in the marketplace, while addressing an urgent need to protect our environment with sustainable products."

Source: FRX Polymers, Inc.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Industrial land sale in Chennai (India)

97,000 SQFT Land in Industrial Zone for sale.My customer is planning to sell the property and it can be used Re-classify into residential properties as well as there are couple of residential apratments are added lately in that area which located in Northern part of Chennai.
Interested companies/builders can contact me at the earliest.